Task 8: Analyze reading performance via Leadership Team and begin strategic planning to address gaps (C and I)


Cycle: Pre-School


What It Provides:

It provides a color-coded overview of each grade level showing the number of non-tested students, the minimum, average, and maximum reading content area strand scores for each FCAT level, and the average GPA for students in each SSR level category. The number of AIDE variable students within each category is identified. This report is especially valuable because it provides a breakdown of the number of students whose score dropped from the previous year.


What It Is Used For:

It is used as a basis for strategic planning.  It will save hours of valuable time previously spent in hand sorting and analyzing student scores. It is used to analyze content area strands to determine problematic areas and pinpoint deficient areas. It easily identifies the number of students who are performing below the AIDE school standard in each reading content area. It determines the percentage of students missing the mark school-wide and/or at a particular grade level and by FCAT level. It identifies any pattern in students suffering a loss.


Interactive Analysis Option:

User is offered several viewing options via selection buttons. Across the top the user can sort students into All, FCAT Eligible, FCAT 3, 4, 5,  FCAT 1 & 2, or Lowest 25%. The user can select and sort data in any underlined column by double clicking or using the right mouse click sort and select features. By using selection buttons at the bottom of the screen, the user can chose to view students by levels only or can expand the view by adding categorical data (BIO), AIDE variable (AIDE), NCLB subgroups (NCLB), or all three. A statistical breakdown appears for filtered items (SSR 3-5, SSR 1-2, and SSR tested).


Educational Recommendations:

Provide copy of report to Leadership Team/department chairs/grade level chairs.

Review deficits and areas of concern in reading.  Discuss possible causes and a plan of action.

Use provided questions to facilitate Leadership Team discussion of reading deficits.

Complete page 1 of Curriculum and Instructional Gaps Worksheet.


AIDE Screens:

FCAT SSR Reading Content Scores - A+


SSR Reading Scores Summary - A+


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