AIDE Organization

The AIDE Program is organized into five organization units.

  • Analysis

    The Analysis section allow the user to view and evaluate the instructional process at the student, class, teacher, subject and school levels.


    Menu 4 - Analysis


  • Prescription Panels

    The Prescription Panels allow instructional staff to evaluate the standing of a student and school from A+ and NCLB points of view.


    Menu 12 - Prescription Panel


  • Safety Net

    The Safety Net Section allows staff to evaluate the instructional status of a school as it relates to the Florida FCAT.


    Menu 13 - Safety Net


  • School User Panels

    The school user panels allows a school to maintain their own data sets and allows for custom information to be delivered by district personnel.


    Menu 14 - School User Panels


  • AIDE Report System

    This panel offers a comprehensive list of reports designed to provide all staff with the information necessary to increase student achievement.


    AIDE Report System