• What is the Academic Performance Series?

    The Academic Performance Series is a series of instructional tools designed to provide to everyone in the instructional chain; from teacher to superintendent including parents the information and process which is necessary to affect student achievement.


  • What is MAP?

    MAP (Management of Academic Progress) takes a holistic approach to the instructional process at a school and provides a year long program of administrative and instructional actions to be performed by administrators, instructors, students and parents.


  • What is AIDE?

    The ADS Academic Interpretation & Data Evaluation System (AIDE) empowers instructional staff and leadership with the data necessary to diagnose instructional and curriculum issues and establish methodologies to increase student achievement.  Unlike most student diagnostic systems, the program does not assume only academic deficiencies on the part of the student.  The AIDE program provides analysis at the student, subject, curriculum, teacher and school levels in a standalone fashion or in relation to standardized testing.  Data presentation is prescriptive, descriptive and predictive.


  • What is AIDE Express?

    AIDE Express provides single click instructional information.  A committee of twenty principals detailed the 10 most asked questions in data driven instructional decision making.  A wizard presents the questions to the user and guides the user to the information.


  • How does the Academic Performance Series work with in different organizational structures?

    The Academic Performance Series adapts to the organizational structure it becomes apart of.  The heart of the program is the individual school version.  In a traditional school system with elementary, middle and high school organization structure, there are elementary, middle and high school versions.  If a system is separated into regional or geographical areas there are versions to reflect the organization.  The series is very flexible and is able to produce sub-sets of student data to reflect the needs of the system.


  • What does cyclical mean in terms of Academic Performance Series?

    The Academic Performance Series has different functions depending on the time of the year.  Before the start of school it is a planning and diagnostic tool.  During pre-planning it is a instructional planning tool and resource allocation tool.  During the school year it becomes a monitoring tool and allows for adjustments to insure instructional goals are met. At the end of the year it is summative and indicates if instructional goals are met and if not met, why.  The summative may indicate needs for teacher in-service, curriculum revision, and or altering school practices and policies.


  • Who should use the series?

    Everyone in the instructional chain from teacher to superintendent can utilize the Academic Performance Series.  The series provides information which can be used in tactical and strategic planning of the instructional process.


  • What type of technology is needed for Academic Performance Series?

    Academic Performance Series will operate on any windows based computer Win 98 or later.


  • What type of technology infrastructure is needed to run Academic Performance Series?

    The Academic Performance Series utilizes a very unique information distribution system designed to operate in any environment.  The program will operated successfully in a connected and or non-connected environment.  The distribution system acknowledges that not all schools systems and schools have the same level of connectivity, therefore has various means to move data to reflect the current technology operating parameters of a school system or school.


  • How is the Academic Performance Series licensed?

    Academic Performance Series is licensed to a school district.  There is no limit on the number of people or computers that can use the program.


  • Can the Academic Performance Series be customized to meet individual district needs?

    Absolutely.  First the stock version of has means for a individual school to maintain its own data and for the school system to distribute system defined data on a as needed basis.  If further additions or modifications are needed ADS will work with the school system on a consultant basis.


  • What other services are provide by ADS?

    ADS provides an extensive consultative service to school systems and schools utilizing the Academic Performance Series.  Professional and proven educators review the data, visit the site and assist staff in establishing an instructional plan to meet stated objectives.